R U Ready for 2020

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After another full and exciting holiday season, it was time to enjoy the coming new year and then the “Virus” comes along and shuts us all down.  
This is the time to prepare for a new and unfamiliar challenge.  Everything is shut down and hopefully we are all staying home with our families.  However, how do we keep up with our fitness program?  After the initial shock and for me after the first day with my steady schedule, I was already our of my comfort zone.  I was unclear what I was going to do to keep up my own personal program.  After a couple days of dis pare I began to get back to basics:
  • Get back to watching what I eat, (like no more Pecan Pie and Ice Cream.)
  • Get back to my own workout routines at home
  • Get back to the track outside in the park in my neighborhood
  • Eat better foods and manage my meals
After taking a look at my options, I realized the opportunity this situation has given me and I have embraced what I have been given with gratitude.  Now I am refocused on what I am doing everyday and how I treat myself.  I am reminded of the respect I have for myself and the way I hope that I continue to carry myself as well as how I try to help my students to find their own way to the inner peace and since of strength.  So during these hard times that we are all living I would encourage everyone to take this opportunity to find new ways to work on your inner peace and try to find new ways to make small improvements in the way you live at home and work at eating more healthy foods for yourself and your family.  I have realized this time has given us all an opportunity to make positive changes in how we are living our lives.  No matter what happens in the future, the positive changes we make will help to improve our futures and will help us make another year and to build a new and exciting set of challenges, with the family, food & fun that comes with it.  Once again I want to remind everyone making changes to their schedules, clothing, and workout routines, we must always remember to stay focused on continuing the work that we have done together.  Now it’s time to enjoy the transformation that you and I have begun while we wait to get back to our normal routines in the coming year.  I have begun a deep personal commitment to my own health and have redoubled my efforts.  I have focused on changing my eating habits, workout routines and the emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of my life to create a new set of challenges, as I reach for new ways to reach for my own “Best Life”  .   .    .                   
I look forward to my new journey and I welcome you all to Join Me  AssiaFIT.com
Stay Tuned and Come Back Soon,  More Change is Coming . . .


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