Welcome to Our New Home

After settling into a routine, change comes again.

The new year is coming, and still I want to remind everyone making changes to schedules, clothing, and workout routines, will help to stay focused on continuing the work that has been done together.  It’s time to enjoy the transformation that you and I have begun.

We must keep working hard at staying AssiaFIT.  Now is the time to plan on transitioning from winter in anticipation of spring.  We must keep that focus we have worked on all this year.  We have built a strong foundation and we have established new habits to help carry us into the new year,being fierce.

More than ever it is important that we keep up our efforts to stay AssiaFIT.  With the change of season it is easy to forget to maintain our focus.  It is more important than ever must be “Mindful” of what we eat, how we eat and how much we eat.  Looking forward to bathing suit living, stay focused, stay full with energy and stay Fit, AssiaFIT

We are making changes to our web site and we are looking forward to sharing some new features, coming soon.

Join me as AssiaFIT presents

AssiaFIT Ladies . .  .  Begins &

Yoga Begins  .   .   .

Love = Attention, Affection & Acceptance

Looking 4 the Answer to the first AssiaFIT,

“Questions 4 Life”

Transition can be tough on us all, however,

if we work hard it is well worth it.



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